Men's Ministry

Ministry Coordinator: ​Rick Hutchings
Age group: 
Men aged 18 and above.
Meeting Time: 
Meets Quarterly for prayer and fellowship.

Women's Ministry

Ministry Coordinator: Toni Thomas
Age group: 
Women aged 18 and above
Meeting Time: 
Meets Quarterly


Ministry Coordinator: Erin Manser
Age group: Birth - 3yrs
Ministry focus: Teaching kids the truth of God's love at an early age. Nursery is not just a baby-sitting service.  It is a place where our children can be exposed to God's love from birth. Through entertaining children's videos, stories, and games, our children are well cared for physically and spiritually. We strive to maintain a clean and safe nursery so that parents of young children can enjoy the service.

Liberty Youth

Youth Pastor: Carl Schubert

Age group: Middle School and High School grades (7th - 12th Grade)
Meeting time: Sundays at 6:30 PM pm and as events are planned.
Ministry focus: Having the courage to live out your faith in today's culture. Teenagers today face greater pressures that any other generation. Now more than ever they need sound Biblical training that is practical, and can give them the tools for success to overcome peer pressure and be a positive witness to their generation.

Liberty Kids Church
Ministry Coordinator: Bethany McPherson
Meeting time: During the second half of the Sunday morning service
Age group: Pre K - 4th Grade
Ministry focus: Bible teaching and memorization, faith building, knowing God's plan for your life, and praise and worship. All of these things are done in a fun and interactive way, using skits, puppets and crafts to reinforce the Biblical values learned in the lessons. Our children also put on special programs for Easter, Christmas, and our annual Missions Conference.

Silver Saints

Ministry Coordinator: Jim & Deanna Spencer
Age group: 
55 and over
Meeting Time: 
Meets Quarterly.

Sunday School
Ministry Coordinator: Damon Feltmeyer
Age group: All ages
Meeting time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am (before Sunday morning service).
Ministry focus: Bible-based, practical teaching that is relevant to today's world. Sunday School is very important to all of our lives.  It is an opportunity to learn the teachings and concepts of the Bible in greater detail. Our adult classes are discussion oriented and focuses on how we can blend Biblical values into our daily lives.

Other areas of ministry to serve in include: Worship Team, Sound and Projection Team, Education Team, Hospitality Ministry, and Greeters Ministry.

Liberty Church

Ministry Opportunities

Liberty        Church

Nursing Home Ministry

Ministry Coordinators:  Dorothy Bullock and Mary Tyler
Ministry focus: 
Provide music, messages and ministry to the local nursing homes on a regular basis.  Also visit and minister to those in the hospital.